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About ParaDoc

ParaDoc is based in the library of the Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil, Switzerland.
Its aim is to collect publications and references concerning education and training on the subject of spinal cord lesions. Thus we want to
promote the exchange of information on an international basis, especially towards developing countries encourage translations of teaching/training media into national or regional languages at low cost collect and safeguard historical publications on spinal cord lesions (books, articles, etc.) Although destined primarily to medical and allied professionals, hospitals, rehabilitation centres and community based libraries, ParaDoc database can also help disabled people and their families to find publications concerned with their problems (e.g. "Educational guide for patients and their families").

ParaDoc Administration Team
ParaDoc as a non-profit project needs the help of all the members of ISCOS (and of everybody else interested in spinal cord lesions) in collecting data concerning education/training in the fields mentioned above.
Do you have further questions? Let us know.

Mrs. Ruth Bättig Koller
phone +41 (0)41 39 57 77
fax +41 (0)41 939 57 79